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To be a major outsourcing service provider for information intensive business processes by leveraging both the technology and cross-domain expertise to deliver value to the customers..

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About US.

Business Solutions is a partnership firm set up in 2009. Over the years, the firm has gained thousand man-years of demanding and insightful experience in providing. multitude of services regarding outsourcing.

Business Solutions has embarked upon a radical maneuver to increase the return on investment (ROI), eminence, reliability, precision, consistency, speed and flexibility through various outsourcing service offerings for our clients. We focus on activities where complexity, quality standards and economies of scale allow us to empower the businesses to better manage emerging needs. We function through a team which has - Youth, radiance, dynamism, Zest and the commitment to excel to transition your business processes offshore. We generate corporate value for our clients by delivering extended capabilities, performance improvements, industry insight and creative breakthroughs.

Business Solutions (herein after referred to as BS) provides a whole gamut of outsourcing solutions in Commercial Man Power outsourcing in Finance & Accounts, Marketing and Independent Job Works. Based in Pune - India, BS possesses strong infrastructural and intellectual strengths. BS believes that at the heart of any human endeavor is a process. Perfect the process, manage the process, continuously change the process and there is no better route to perfection. We are specialized in providing timely, practical and extremely affordable outsourcing services.

We offer a wide range of outsourcing services to individuals, partnership Firms, companies and other entities. Over a time, we have acquired experience of servicing diverse industries as follows.

  • Electronics .
  • Telecommunication.
  • Infrastructure .
  • Software .
  • Banking and financial services.
  • Travel, tourism and leisure .
  • Education and welfare.

In line with our mission, there is one goal at the heart of BS' s strategy: to be a long-term, trusted outsourcing partner for major organisations. While seeking to win new clients, we will strive to deliver qualitative services with our current client base. To do this, we must ensure all clients understand the full range of BS capabilities. We must also ensure that we establish and maintain a reputation for excellent delivery with every client: our opportunities for new business will depend on their appreciation of what we have already been doing for them

Points of strategic focus In order to achieve our main strategic objective, BS will continue to concentrate on four points of strategic focus.

  • Global programme We will continue to spread our geographical reach. This brings benefits to both BS and our clients in terms of quality and speed of reach and delivery. Shared practice and process between all geographical will also allow us to build a knowledge base to provide better services. Our global programme will continue to be augmented by local initiatives, allowing our individual geographical operations to profit from investments made in local specialization .
  • Strong strategic alliances and partnerships As an outsourcing service provider, alliances and partnerships are of key importance for BS. Our clients rely on our ability to adopt and employ the latest technologies on their behalf. By developing high-quality relationships with technology leaders, we can ensure that we maintain this position .
  • Vertical focus As BS seeks to develop a broader base of business with its individual clients, they naturally expect us to possess greater Knowledge of their specific business issues. For this very reason, BS is adopting a vertical industry focus in its commercial operations. This will allow us to get closer to our clients, and indeed to extend dialogue from a technical and operational level to a business level perspective .
  • Profitability Improving profitability is a core objective for every commercial organization. We understand that effectiveness, productivity and internal efficiency are the key to improved profitability. We also recognize that they are equally important in ensuring high-quality delivery for our clients. As a company, we offer the best quality of solutions and services to our clients at a fair price. This is the real path to profitable operations.


Outsourcing your functions to BS would allow you to capitalize on our previous experience with other companies and on our technical expertise. You will be saved from building up your own infrastructure to handle these obligations. It is our experience that you can outsource many of these tasks for a fraction of what it would cost an entity to create the infrastructure itself. That is in addition to the intangible benefits you would gain from our pool of professionals. With us on board, you would have at your disposal experienced executives to help you with your high-level planning and transactions.

  • Scalability.
  • Cost control .
  • Increased accessibility .
  • Domain expertise.

We are a customer - centric group and are committed towards delivering world class services that enhance the Customers profitability and Controllership.

  • Establishing consistent reporting best practices.
  • Cost control .
  • Implementing top-level capabilities and technologies .
  • Gaining long term flexibility of solutions and deployment.

Confidentiality and Security Policy

Confidentiality and Security is an integral part of our business. We have comprehensive policies to ensure that confidentiality & security is maintained at all points of time.

  • Signing Non-Disclosure Agreement with the Clients and with the Employees.
  • Policy decision to stay out of other lines of businesses which may require use of client’s data, for example: Compensation review exercises.
  • Ensuring competing companies are not allocated to the same processor.
  • Physical access controls, Controlled security access to the IT Applications/Security Matrix; exclusive -Logins/Password expiry policies.


Business outsource is led by a team of multifaceted professionals enthused with an asset of experience in outsourcing solutions, human resource management. BS is backed by a team of 75 employees. Employee credentials include, master minded Administration specialists (MBA) with extensive, hands-on experience in a wide variety of industries.






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